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    "Higher Rock Education is committed to providing free economic education to develop global understanding, compassion, & economic literacy"

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    Our passion…economics education. Our mission…to provide online, supplementary economics lessons to young adults, while fostering an appreciation for the relevance of Christianity and economic principles. Our goal…to make learning enjoyable and interesting. How...by providing interactive exercises, videos, text, and relevant articles. Our classroom…anywhere with an internet connection. Our market…teachers, homeschools, schools, and anyone else interested in understanding economics.

    As a Non-Profit Organization, we Depend on Your Donations - Thank You!


    Our Lessons Include:  
    Scripture Lesson
    Interactive Exercises
    Supplemental Videos
    Detailed Glossary of Economic Terms
    Links to Relevant Articles and Resources
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    I like the way Higher Rock makes economics understandable by providing clear written text, entertaining videos, and instructive interactive exercises.


    I love the Scripture lessons!


    The Higher Rock lessons have been presented in an easy-to-understand format, with the information in each lesson being very relevant and extremely helpful in furthering my knowledge of economics. I appreciate that the lessons are straightforward and are explained in terms that are accessible for people with varying levels of exposure to economics.


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